Our Network

DIL Technology plays a strategically vital role in development and in the nationwide digitization era. We are set to help empower the nation with high-speed fiber optic broadband infrastructure and advanced telecom services. 

DIL Technology provides seamless end-to-end fiber connectivity to the cities in Iraq. Presently, DIL Technology has more than 3,000km laid fiber connecting all those cities and towns with capacity up to 100Gbps. DIL Technology has built its “state of the art” next generation backbone network using latest IP-MPLS & DWDM technology. We are capable of Inhouse IP Network Deployment, Management & Operations, Network Security Management, Fiber Complex Designs Topologies, Construction, Splicing, High-level Testing, Transit and Data Center Services. We are equally expert in aerial, buried and underground applications.

High-speed Internet, leased circuit, secured and reliable VPN/VLAN, adapted to the demands of users and applications and highly reliable high-speed connectivity.

DIL Technology adopts a “customer-oriented” and integrated structure in order to respond to the rapidly changing communication and technology needs of customers in the most powerful and accurate way.

With its partnerships with leading technology providers, DIL Technology is the best and most reliable ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Solutions Provider in the region. The next generation fiber optics network will become exponentially faster, bringing the Mobile Operators and enterprises the benefit of enhanced delivery of communication services, cost savings, increased competitiveness, and improved sustainability.

For trouble free and reliable services to our customers, our Backbone Network has been configured in a multiple paths ‘Self-Healing’ ring architecture which provides redundancy by automatically redirecting traffic away from a failed route. It is designed in such a way that full redundancy is available for bandwidth between any two points.